Alternative Flavourings

There are many alternative ingredients and flavourings that are healthier and tastier than the processed variety. The ingredients that you use normally can be review and use as a substitute for a low-salt version, However remember that some high-salt ingredients like cheese & smoked fish contains other important health -giving nutrients such as calcium and omega- 3 fatty acids. You may want to weigh that up against other high-salt but less nutritious ingredients.

Here are some suggestions of ingredients you can use;


– Most commercial bouillon cubes are notoriously high in salt. Try to replace them whenever
possible with homemade stock. This is easy to prepare and can kept by making a large batch
and then freezing it in small quantities for future use.



– Use oils rather than butter or spreads for   all your cooking and baking. Oils are naturally
saltless, while spreads and  butters can have quite a high salt content.  Virgin oils such as olive or sunflower as a  cooking medium will be much better for  your overall health. If you do use butter, make sure you buy the saltless variety.




 Salad Dressings
– Substitute a little oil and vinegar or oil and  lemon juice, two grinds of pepper and a shake of a    low-sodium salt for commercial salad  dressings, which are nearly always high in salt.



– If you use ready prepared sauces or ketchups, find the version that has the less salt and cut
down gradually on its use. If you start using other flavourings, you may find that you no longer
need bottled sauce.


Herbs & Spices
– Herbs and spices give different, subtle and unusual flavours to many dishes. You can use
them fresh- you can even grow them on the kitchen windowsill – or dried . Fresh are nicer in
raw, salad-type dishes but dried are fine for cooked dishes. Do make sure,however that dried
are not too old and keep them in an airtight, dark container as both air and light will make them
go stale more quickly.Dried herbs are a good deal stronger than fresh ones, so do not overdo
it when using them for your flavouring.





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