Recipe: Nasi Ulam (Herb Rice)


600g cooked rice
75g salted fish (meat only)
75g dried prawns
1 cup toasted and pounded grated coconut

Finely sliced ingredients:

1 stalk of lemon grass
2 turmeric leaves (daun kunyit)
10 young daun kaduk (wild pepper leaves)
6 kaffir lime leaves
2 stalks daun kesom (polygonum)
3 cekur leaves
2 stalks basil (selasih)
5 mint leaves
1 wild torch ginger flower (bunga kantan)
5 shallots


½ tsp salt or to taste
1 tsp pepper
½ tsp ground black pepper powder
1 tbsp sugar or to taste
1 cube ikan bilis stock granules
2-3 tbsp water


Wild Pepper Leaf
1. Steam overnight cooked rice until soft. Put rice in a large basin.
2. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a wok; saute dried prawns until fragrant. Add in all the seasoning ingredients and mix well.
3.Dish out and mix with the rice. Combine the rest of the sliced vegetables or ‘ulam-ulam’. Toss well and serve.


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