Recipe: Penang Assam Laksa


200gm laksa noodle
2 mackarel or sardine fish
1 piece of dried tamarind slice – soak in water
1 teaspoon of tamarind pulp
1600ml of water
1 stalk of vietnamese mint leaves
2 tablespoon of sugar to taste
2 teaspoon of salt to taste

Ingredients for Blending (A)

2 lemongrass
2 onions
3- 5 dried chilies – soak in hot water, discard seeds
2cm belacan (dried shrimp paste)

½ fresh pineapple , slice in small pieces
½ cucumber – julienne into small strips
½ red onion sliced thinly
1 red chili slice thinly
A handful of mint leaves
¼ torch ginger – chop finely
1 teaspoon of black prawn paste- add warm water & stir to dilute the paste


1. Simmer the clean fishes with 1½ cup of water in a pot until cooked. Remove fish & let cool
before separating the meat from bones.
2.Remove the meat and keep fish as soup base
3.Blend A ingredients in a food processor with 2 tablespoon of water until it turns into a paste.
4.Add to the pot with half of the fish meat, chili paste, tamarind slice, tamarind juice, ginger buds    and vietnamese mint
5. Simmer in a low heat for about 20- 30 minutes
6. Add sugar & salt to taste into the soup
7. Blanch the laksa noodles in hot water, drain & set aside
8. Serve with a spoonful of shrimp paste and garnish with the cut vegetables and pineapple and
remaining fish meat on top of the noodle.






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