Recipe: Onde- Onde (Glutinous Rice Ball with Coconut & Sugar Palm Filling)


4 tablespoons of glutinous rice flour
1 tablespoon of rice flour
5 pieces of pandan leaves (cut and extract the juice)
3 pieces of palm sugar chop into tiny pieces
½ coconut- grated (just the white part)
A pinch of salt – to be mix with the grated coconut


1. Mix the rice flour & glutinous rice flour with the pandan juice bit by bit till the mixture becomes a dough and it does not stick to the hands.

2.  Take a bit of the dough and form into a ball size of a thumb and flatten it. Place a piece of the chopped palm sugar and roll the dough into a neat ball.

3.  Heat up a pot of water till it boils.  Add the glutinous rice and wait till the balls float above which indicate it is cook and remove it from the pot using a sieve.

4.  Coat the glutinous ball with the shredded coconut which has been mix with a pinch of salt and serve.





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