Aloe Vera

This clump-forming perennial has suckering at the base, with dense rosettes of thick, spiky grey-green leaves (red-spotted only in young specimens). Aloe vera grows well in-drained soil in direct sunlight. The genus consists of about 325 species, all of which are architectural plants with thick spiky foliage.

Aloe vera(Lilliaceae)

Aloe Vera has been identified in wall paintings in ancient Egypt where it was used to treat catarrh. Alexander the Great was said to have conquered Socotia, an island in the Indian Ocean, in order to secure supplies to aloe vera to help heal his soldiers wounds. Mahatma Gandhi was another fan and he believed that drinking aloe juice daily in his early years helped him to withstand prolonged periods of fasting.

The plant is known to be a rich source of Vitamin E and its clear gel can be easily squeezed out of cut leaves and used as a natural moisturizer , to treat burns, sunburn, wounds, eczema and even acne. As also aloe vera juice is a powerful laxative, it’s not suitable for pregnant women.

Aloe Vera Drink