Candlenuts are a common feature in Malay and Indonesia cuisine where the nuts are usually pounded into a paste and used to add texture and flavour to curries. Avoid eating too many candlenuts in one sitting as these can act as a laxative, in very extreme cases large quantities of nuts can poisonous.It cannot be consumed raw. However, candlenuts are used in poultices for headaches, fever, ulcers and swollen joints and boiled leaves applied to the temples act as a natural asprin for headaches.

Candlenut Tree & Dry Candlenut


As the nuts have such a high oil content these can actually be lit up; ancient Hawaiians strung the nuts out and use these to measure time! In fact, the candlenut has played such a major part in Hawaiian culture that it is recognized as the state’s official tree.

Curry Chicken Kapitan
The Chicken Curry Kapitan that uses candlenut to create the creaminess of the curry