This is a herbaceous perennial related to ginger, which produces ornate white flowers tinged with purple and yellow, followed by small fruits that contains highly aromatic oils. Cardamom can grow up to 3m (10ft) high in partial shade, it prefers loamy, fertile soil.


Cardamom seeds are a highly in-demand spice favoured the world over. In terms of value, In terms of value, cardamom is the third most expensive spice by weight, after saffron and vanilla. Traditionally, Arabs present cardamom coffee as a symbol of hospitality to their guests and the spice is also used to flavour Turkish pilaf and Indian rice and meat dishes.


Green pods containing the seeds, should only be opened right before cooking, as the seeds quickly lose their aroma when exposed to air. Aside from its distinct flavour, cardamom is also thought to have aphrodisiac qualities and has also been ingested to aid digestion and has also been ingested to aid digestion and relieve flatulence since ancient times.

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