Chef Cheng Lze Huei


Lze Huei started her career since 2007 by sharing her personal menu and cooking method. In year 2011, she established vegetarian kiosk “I Love Vege” at Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas to share her passions with both locals and oversea customers.  She can be said as the pioneer in the industry and hope to make it a trend to eat healthy.

Some of her expertise dishes includes Japanese Sushi, Basil Spaghetti & Vegen Mushroom Soup, Hot and Sour Soup of Mushroom and Mustard (Chinese Chai-Boi), and Chinese Herbal Soup serve with mixture of mushroom (Bak Kut Teh), “People are draw to vegetarianism by all sorts of motives…to live longer, healthier lives or do our part to reduce pollution. Others have made the switch because…we’ve always loved animals and are ethically opposed to eating them.By teaching more people (about) vegetarian food, we can share [this] modern eating trend…with more families and friends wherever we go.”

Assorted Vegetarian Sushi