The kaduk is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. It is widely planted in China and Southeast Asia. It grows easily in both partially or exposed sites, on a wide range of soils. The leaves are thin, dark green, glabrous, and broadly oval-shaped with an acuminate apex, about 7.5 to 9cm long and 3 to 7.5cm wide. The petiole is about 4 cm long. The wild pepper leaf extracts have anti-oxidant properties and leaves can be made into a drink to relieve the symptoms of malaria. Chewing the roots is supposed to offer relief from toothaches.


The leaves are used raw in SE Asian cuisine; for Thais use the leaves to make Mieng Kum(a popular snack) which is a mix of chopped shallots, lime, dried shrimp, green chillies an ginger all wrapped up in a wild pepper leaf. In Malaysia, the leaves are finely sliced and added to Nasi Ulam (Herb Rice) or as base for the Otak Otak wrapping.