Kitchen Diaries

Recipe: Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken in Spicy Tomato Sauce)

Recipe: Ayam Masak Lemak (Creamy Chicken Curry with Tumeric Gravy)

Turmeric- The Spicy Painkiller

Eat Curry To Lose Weight?!

Smoke In Your Food

Alternative Flavourings

Recipe: Thai Pandan Chicken Parcel

Five of the Best: The Secret of Chinese Spice Powder

Recipe:Creamy Masala Curry with Athene Spices

Recipe: Penang Assam Laksa

Recipe: Penang Lor Bak- Five Spice Meat Roll

Seasoning A New Pestle & Mortar

Spicy Dining with the Baba Nyonyas of Penang

Finding Substitutes for Asian Cookery Ingredients

Recipe: Nyonya Egg Belanda (Sweet & Sour Egg)

Recipe: Stuffed Mackerel Fish with Sambal

Difference Between Chinese Parsley & Coriander

Belachan- A Shrimp Paste Like No Other

Recipe: Ayam Pongteh (Braised Chicken with Fermented Soy Beans Paste

The Romantic History of Cinnamon

Cook Like a Thai

The Amazing Bulb Garlic

Don’t just get the Rice on!

Recipe: Black Glutinous Rice Porridge (Bee Koh Moi)

Recipe: Nyonya Pie Tee (Top Hats)

Recipe: Popiah Roll

The G Sisters -Ginger & Galangal

Sambal – The Essential Ingredient of An Asian Meal

Recipe: Tandoori Chicken

Recipe: Nasi Ulam (Herb Rice)

Sugar Is Sweet But Stevia Is Sweeter

Recipe: Honey & Orange Spice Cake

Recipe: Banana Caramel with Ice Cream

The Fifth Taste – Understanding Umami

Holy Basil; An Ancient Superfood

Recipe:Creamy Masala Curry with Athene Spices

Recipe: Banana Caramel with Ice Cream

It’s Time For Gourmet Tea

Going Gluten Free in South East Asia

Recipe: Sago Gula Melaka (Sago Pudding in Palm Sugar & Coconut Milk)


Recipe: Onde- Onde (Glutinous Rice Ball with Coconut & Sugar Palm Filling)

Recipe: Lamb Korma

Salt of The Earth

Saffron: The World’s Costliest Spice