This sprawling evergreen perennial features succulent velvety, light green leaves 4- 8cm long. Its leaf margins are finely scalloped and the plant favours light, rich and well-drained soil in full sun. The foliage is highly aromatic and has been likened to thyme,sage or oregano. The name “amboinicus” indicates that the plant’s origin is thought to be from Ambon, one of Moluccas Islands in East Indonesia.

Today, it is a popular culinary herb used to flavour beans, salads and strong-smelling meat and fish.It is also infused in tea and used as in ingredient in Vietnamese sour soup and Indian Salad. Medicinally, Indian Borage is used for coughs, bronchitis, asthma, colic and applied externally for headaches, sores, burns and insect bites.

You can also boil them in water and add rock sugar for a cool mint drink.