A few testimonials from previous guests:

A must for the experienced cook & the novice
We joined 7 others from around the world to learn how to cook Malay style. Bee our head chef lead us through the class in a relaxed and pleasant way. We learnt the art of using a clay pot to make chicken curry. For desert we were shown how to impress with sago and how to make Blue rice – no blue string was involved! To accompany the curry we made a stir fry with board beans. The time flew by and all too soon we had the delightful experience of enjoying what we cooked on the terrace with nutmeg juice – yes nutmeg is the secret ingredient in coke.

This is a must to do if visiting Penang whether you are an experienced cook or a novice who can’t boil water – yet.

by Linda (Canberra, Australia) / 22nd July 2018

Great experience if you want to learn more about local dishes!
It was fun to cook together with our chief Jamie and learn more about the local dishes and cooking styles. We got a lot of explanations with the recipe and had a great dinner at the end. Also the garden tour with all its explanations nice and very interesting.

by Thomas L (Stuttgart, Germany) / 13th May 2018

I attended the cooking school with my two daughters and we had a brilliant morning. After a warm welcome we were given a tour of the garden by a very knowledgeable and interesting guide. Upon entering the cooking school, we put on the special aprons (which we were allowed to keep) and spent the morning cooking a Malay salad, Prawn curry and banana fritters. Huge fun and highly delicious! Our teacher was excellent and took us through the dishes with lots of enthusiasm and patience, we had recipe sheets that we could keep enabling us to recreate the feast at home. At the end of the cooking we were led to an area where we ate what we had cooked, washed it down with nutmeg juice, then we visited the shop to buy some of the spices that we had used when cooking. Can thoroughly recommend this activity!

by Sian T (Monmouth, United Kingdom) / 8th April 2018

An experience
not to be missed
Looking for a cooking school in Penang there were several choices, TSG was the pick for multiple reasons.

1. The school was responsive to email enquiries and happy to navigate my dietary requirements (vegan).
2. The description of the accompanying garden tour and cooking class sounded amazing!
3. Thee food sounded amazing!

When we arrived at TSG the experience not only delivered, it exceeded our expectations. We were treated from the get go to an amazing cultural experience (our favourite in Penang for our entire trip) and the staff were incredibly kind and helpeful. Lim, our tour guide was not only knowledgeable but also entertaining.

The gift shop is beautifully laid out with well priced and lovely gifts.

The cooking class was enjoyable, informative and also entertaining. Bee, our instructor made the entire class interactively interesting and it was the perfect balance. The little details are not missed here with the staff tending to your every need.

At the conclusion we sat under the pergola enjoying the fruits of our labour (which was incredible) whilst Bee gave us further cultural and historical information on the dishes. I would book the TSG experience again and again and highly recommend to others for the culture it offers, the experience and the knowledge.

by Heather (Perth, Australia) / 6th November 2017

Wonderful culinary experience amid a beautiful garden!
The Spice Garden and its affiliated cooking school was a one of a kind experience! First we spent 1 hour hour roaming through the spice gardens and understanding all of the different herbs, plants, and spices that make SE Asian food wonderful. Then we had a wonderful instructor Bee teach us how to make Assam laksa from scratch. Bee was great at guiding us and answering our questions. She was also wonderful to our kids (ages 4 & 1) who accompanied us to the class. Highly recommend to anyone stopping by food paradise, aka Penang!

by Alexander / 15th June 2017

Beautiful experience, especially the cooking class
Looking for things to do while on holiday in Penang, we booked a morning cooking class and tour at The Spice Garden. From their website, chose our preference of dishes being offered on different days and chose Malaysian. After a delightful walk through the gardens with a fantastic and extremely informative guide, we attended our class— only my friend and I, so received very individual attention from our teacher, Rohana Turner. With all ingredients already laid out, we produced three very tasty dishes, using an array of natural spices under her excellent guidance. Not only an excellent instructor, Rohana’s warm, friendly manner made the experience such fun. Once completed, we enjoyed the fruits of our labour, yum! A visit to the spice shop is a must, and surprisingly inexpensive. Would definitely recommend this experience for all. Thanks, Spice Garden staff.

by Chris (Adelaide, Australia) / 8th June 2017


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